Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dinosaur Diggers

Here are the kids practicing to be archaeologists.  They worked very hard on getting the chocolate chips and M&Ms out of the cookie without breaking them.  This is like an archaeologist because they work with small tools and have to be careful too!

Here is our dinosaur egg.  In this picture it is starting to hatch.  My kindergarten daughter was worried that it would hatch over night and be running around the room in the morning.  The second graders knew it was pretend, but still enjoyed watching it hatch!

It's a baby Stegosaurus!
We named him Stego.

Now we are the real deal.  We are digging bones out of rock to solve a dinosaur mystery.  What kind of dinosaur will it be?  Everyone is having fun chiseling the rock away.  We have to wear safety glasses so we don't get any flying rock in our eyes.  This is so much fun, but after 2 days of chiseling we still have not uncovered our first bone! 

There is a bone in this picture, can you see it?